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Legends in Concert   
1600 W Hwy 76
Branson, 65616
Branson Reviewed rated
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4.0 out of 5
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" “If you believe in forever,” the Righteous Brothers sang, “then life is just a one-night stand. If there’s a Rock and Roll heaven, well you know they’ve got a helluva band.”

That great song of the 70’s sang about Jimmy and Janis and Bobby, and the other greatly talented but dearly departed performers who surely were up there, shining, in the big show. And in a time of acid rock the Pop hit song seems like a lovely thought, really. And that was the original idea behind Legends in Concert. It premiered in what is still its home base, Las Vegas; back in 1983, and back then, (more entrepreneur than authentic producer) show hustler Johnny Stewart led the way that resulted in a wave of impersonator shows. And the thing that sets Legends apart was their insistence on a great, live band. Where other shows tricked the audience with tracks and snuck- by with syncing, Legends in Concert always insisted on the real thing. And now, twenty-plus years later and BRANSON REVIEWED is happy to report that, where most of the other tribute shows have bit the dust, Legends is thriving in Las Vegas, Branson and in select tourist spots throughout the country and around the world! Legends in Concert is bigger and better than ever!

When Legends came to the Ozarks, they fined-tuned their wildly successful show, adding innovations that would help forever change the Branson show scene. Rather than mounting a production that would run essentially unaltered year after year, Legends custom-produced a show that would change with the different demographics. Unlike most other Branson Shows, Legends in Concert rotates a roster of superstar imposters that mimic the taste of the alternating Branson market. In the summer, for example, when the town fills-up with a younger crowd, Legends features hipper acts like Britney Spears, Alan Jackson and some newer, rock stars. But when the color of the leaves change, so too, do the Legends. The fall brings older fans who are thrilled to see spot-on impressions of such greats as The Temptations, George Strait and Marilyn Monroe. And, of course, the two tenure acts, the Blues Brothers and Elvis, steal the show.

There are two ways to present an impersonator show- the wrong way, and the way Legends in Concert does it. You see, to pull it off properly, an impressionist needs real talent, authentic looks, sincere respect, mixed-in with a heavy dose of fun. If the guy up there thinks he’s Neil Diamond, then I’m going to suspend my disbelief for his mini-concert, but if he acts like he believes he’s the real star, then there’s no fun in that at all. Branson has an Elvis or two who obviously didn’t learn from Legends- a performance should be light. The fun comes when the audience responds to the accurate impersonation. And if the singer is having fun (but never, ever making fun), then the audience will, too. And make no mistake, Legends is the most fun show in Branson!
" - Branson Reviewed

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