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3454 W Hwy 76
Branson, 65616
SAVE $6.47
Adult (13-65 yrs): $29.00
Child (4-12 yrs): $10.00
Seniors (65-over yrs): $29.00
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4.5 out of 5
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" The U.S. Census Bureau lists the following:

Dutton, Alabama (35744) - Dutton, Michigan (49319)

Dutton, Montana (59433) - Dutton, Virginia (23050)

All four of the above mentioned towns are pretty small, almost as small as Branson, Missouri (65616). BRANSON REVIEWED! did the census research because after seeing The Dutton Family Show, it was obvious that this talented family really owns this town.

Now I’ve seen different Duttons around town- at theatre meetings, civic and social functions, but, up until we launched BRANSON REVIEWED!, the only independent, well-written web source for Branson entertainment, I hadn’t taken the time to catch their show live. But after seeing it, I started wondering if maybe we shouldn’t rename Branson. Heck- the Duttons already have enough family members to populate a small village and they just keep coming! At a recent show, the Duttons cleverly incorporate their growing family, finding funny and fertile ground, musically.

I am not a fan of family shows, per se. There are too-many Osmond wanna-be’s but often not enough talent to go around, leaving certain family shows looking like a photo album with so many blank pages. So imagine how genuinely surprised, enthralled and completely won- over we were to witness the authentic and abundant talents of The Duttons in a professionally staged production that is without a doubt simply the best family show in town. It is surprise they were finalists on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.”

Mom and Dad (Sheila and Dean Dutton) are fine performers in their own right, but their real role is that of producers-show and kid. And what a multi-talented batch of show kids!
From Jon on guitar to Abby and Amy on fiddle. And Tim and Ben each display unique and authentic musical talent. They sing, dance and, well, do it all. Bluegrass to Blues, Swing and Rock, too. Plus there is a well-produced ‘black art’ segment that is as clever as it is creative.

The problem with Branson today is that there are too many shows, each claiming to have been voted ‘best,’ and all proclaiming themselves ‘hot.’ But whenever you see ‘Best’ or ‘Hot,’ just remember that they rightly belong to The Duttons, performing nightly in Duttonville, um, I mean Branson.
" - Branson Reviewed

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