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Clay Cooper's Country Music Express   
3216 W Hwy 76
Branson, 65616
Branson Reviewed rated
  • Currently 1.5/5 Stars.
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4.0 out of 5
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" Boy oh boy, Clay Cooper figured it out! He sure did. Clay came- up with a way to present an original, high-energy and highly entertaining show that is without a doubt one of the best values Branson has to offer.

The history of entertainment in Branson is best understood by looking at the stars and variety productions that have traditionally performed in the evenings. Presley’s, Baldknobbers, Roy Clark, Mel Tillis, Mickey Gilley, Andy, Glen and so on. And as the big names packed them-in at night, afternoon performances (called ‘matinees’ just about everywhere but Branson) and also morning shows were added and many visitors got into the habit of seeing more that one or two shows per day. As a result, a whole host of entertainers, many of them specialty or featured acts in the main shows, made their way front and center to star in their own morning reviews. And the early early shows, with the exception of the stepped-up ‘Red, Hot & …Blue,’ were pretty laid-back. For example, country music gentleman Jim Owen found low-key success in the morning and for a while even offered his show- goers free coffee and doughnuts. Now that was a pretty friendly way to start the day! Soon all of the major theaters were offering morning shows and a small but loyal number of tourists supporting early entertainment. Russian funnyman Yakov Smirnoff really rang the bell and quickly created for himself an AM niche, but smaller shows relied on heavily-discounted tickets to help pull an audience together.

After twenty years of performing in other Branson shows, Clay Cooper, of ‘Country Tonight’ fame, mounted a wonderful morning show called Clay Cooper’s Country Music Express. Now that he has his own theater, he’s presenting his fine show at different times of the day throughout the season. It is a very entertaining production, and without a doubt one of the best shows at any hour of the day.


Tina Cooper, the star’s wife, fellow-performer and director/choreographer of the whole sha-bang, really shines! And it is as if the producers of the Clay Cooper show adopted as their mantra the old Monty Python segue way promising something distinct and diverse. And they deliver on their promise. A solid back-up band serves as a foundation, a launching pad, really, for singer-host-emcee-ringleader Cooper to serve-up songs, bring-on acts and even bring-up his young son who steals the show. With a trick rope specialist, some special dance numbers, music videos and warm family moments, the Clay Cooper Music Express is a fast-moving but never rushed, perfectly polished production that shimmers while staying down-home country friendly.

After welcoming his enthusiastic audience with a few up-beat songs, the host graciously exists, allowing the show to change pace. And it does, again and again. But it isn’t change for change’s sake. The show builds and builds. The Music Express is a non-stop ticket to everywhere you want to be. 

Many other shows could take a lesson or two from Clay Cooper. Don’t promote yourself as a great big star, especially if you aren’t. If you want to get in the fast- lane to stardom, well, just surround yourself with real talent and real variety. And it doesn’t hurt to marry into some, too. If you do, your show will shine, day and night.

BRANSON REVIEWED! named the Clay Cooper show a “Morning Must-See,” and it’s a don’t miss after dark, too. Clay Cooper and company found the right recipe for down-home fun and are servin’ it up in great big generous portions.
" - Branson Reviewed

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