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Acrobats of China   
645 S Hwy 165
Branson, 65616
SAVE $0.5
Adult (12-above yrs): $33.42
Child (6-12 yrs): $11.10
Adult (12-above yrs): $33.42
Child (6-12 yrs): $11.10
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4.0 out of 5
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" Trapeze-soaring, hoop-diving, vase-juggling and body-bending excitement sets the Acrobats of China’s New Shanghai Circus a step-above all of the other variety shows in the business. Now the word ‘Shanghaied,’ used to mean a bad thing. You see, the rough and tumble port city had developed a kind-of tough reputation over the years but now, thanks to the Acrobats of China, Shanghai doesn’t mean ripped-off… it means ‘blown-away.’

The Acrobats of China arrived in Branson in the late 90’s and performed several successful seasons off of the strip, but in 2005, showman and entrepreneur Bill Daily (known for years as the husband of mega-successful romance novelist Janet Daily) did what others only talked about-he built them their own theatre. And they did it right! Sending the gang at Backstage Connections to China for research, the project paid off and now, in 2010 the Acrobats of China are back for another season in their custom-built theatre just off the strip on Highway 165. The late Mr. Daily is smiling down upon them for sure.

And you will be looking up in awe as this amazing cast of high-energy performers swings, flies, flips and twirls. And they do it not just for their audience, either. No, take a closer look at those faces- the talented group seem to be getting real pleasure out of it all themselves, too. Now in Branson, terms like ‘large cast,’ heavy performers,’ and ‘big talent,’ might be used to describe some overweight entertainers, but the Acrobats of China do have a large cast (40-plus), and their presentations are heavy-duty, filled with the biggest thrills you’ll see this-side of Cirquesville ( a/k/a Las Vegas).

BRANSON REVIEWED! honors unique and creative shows and proudly recommends the Acrobats of China, New Shanghai Circus. The costumes are authentic, the colors awesome, and the talent unbelievable.

The night BRANSON REVIEWED! came by for a sneak-peek we were impressed at the sheer joy of performing and the equally joyful audience response. If we might suggest perhaps ‘Westernizing’ some of the music as it got a little ‘ching, chong, changy’ at times. But by the look of the packed-house and souvenir stand, there was plenty of ‘cha-ching’ going on as well.

When you go to the Acrobats of China don’t forget your camera, but check your expectations at the theater door, for you will leave with memories so unimaginable that they might seem like dreams.
" - Branson Reviewed

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