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Shoji Tabuchi   
3260 Shepherd of the Hills
Branson, 65616
Branson Reviewed rated
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3.5 out of 5
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The Shoji Tabuchi Show is a big and colorful production, filled with authentic Japanese sights and traditional Oriental sounds, and is a welcome diversion for the Branson show- goers who feel strummed-out by all of the Country music shows and picked-to-death by all of the pickers and grinners. BRANSON REVIEWED! honors originality, and is proud to recommend The Shoji Tabuchi Show to the millions of first-time visitors who haven’t yet had the pleasure of the Shoji experience.

The talented Shoji Tabuchi plays the violin like nobody else around, and his show presents some wonderfully unique musical sounds as well. The dozens of Taiko, Odaiko and Shime-daiko drums resonate with the very spirit of Japan and the Fue and Shakuhachi flutes seem to transport the audience to another time and place. Much of the music is simply stunning. And the Geishas are as mysterious as they are beautiful. A show that takes you someplace is a show worth going to see, again and again.

During the intermission at a recent matinee, a heavy-duty fan of Shoji who just insisted that I refer to her as ‘Katherine from Kansas’ cornered me in the lovely theatre lobby. She had noticed me taking notes during the opening and just wanted to make sure that our website readers “…understood just what a great, great entertainer Shoji is,” quickly adding, among other things too fast to write down accurately that, “Dorothy- the wife/producer and pretty daughter Christina are pretty darn good, too.”

Now in the interest of accuracy, I made a point to check-out the overly-promoted Men’s Room just off the lobby and- wow- there it is: a full-sized billiards table right in the middle of the lounge area! But the reason why it’s there just isn’t clear. And to be thorough, I made my way back out front and enlisted the help of “Chatty Cathy,’ who was glad to report back on the Ladies Room. “There are crystal chandeliers, black onyx accents and real, live orchids throughout,” she gushed.

The second half of the show was bigger but sometimes weirder than the first. The costumes and sets were beautiful, but too often too busy. And while the Japanese star played the fiddle like nobody’s business, several of the production choices reminded me of that decision to put the pool table in the bathroom. There were things in the show that, while nice, just didn’t seem to belong. Like what? Well, rope tricks, flying monkeys and a sugar- plum fairy for example. And, as in a restroom, if a show is too busy, it’s hard to take care of business among the distractions. But if you concentrate, you’ll see that Shoji is doing a fine job presenting the authentic music of his homeland. BRANSON REVIEWED! reveres Shoji, and we know you will, too.
" - Branson Reviewed

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