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Ride the Ducks   
W Hwy 76
Branson, 65616
Branson Reviewed rated
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4.0 out of 5
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" We here at BRANSON REVIEWED! pride ourselves at being in the know regarding what’s what around town, but do you know what? We were so mistaken about RIDE THE DUCKS. We really were.

Seeing all of those smiling vacationers taking their citywide tours aboard The Ducks, getting their bird’s eye view of everything around town (including a splash through the lake for an amphibious addition to their adventure) made us assume that that was all their was to it. We thought-wrongly- that some company bought up a bunch of old WWII equipment originally made to storm the beaches at Normandy and was making a buck off the stuff here in Branson.

Well, like water off a duck’s back, we stand corrected!

The Ducks (or DUKW, which is a military acronym that has nothing to do with our fine feathered friends) are not old but brand new! They are custom- built and manufactured at a factory right here in the Branson area! They are really cool, very safe and just plain ducky.

Yes, The Ducks are designed after the vehicle General Motors manufactured for the war effort. General Patton and soon-to-be President Eisenhower made good use of 2000-plus DUKW’s during World War II but it is company called AVM (Amphibious Vehicle Manufacturing) that provides these modern day Ducks and Herschend Family Entertainment- the people behind such great family fun as Silver Dollar City, Celebration City and White Water-proudly offer visitors to Branson a unique trip around town.

[Editor’s very special note: When the hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and parts of Mississippi, many of us watched in helpless frustration as lives were lost, families destroyed and spirits broken. So many entertainers, including some of the best musicians I’ve ever known, contacted me looking for work, looking for help. The Herschend Family sprung into action. Along with so many church groups and volunteers, Branson did its part, sending many Ducks down to the devastated region, helping deliver food, rescue the sick and save lives. So when you come to Branson and “Ride The Ducks,” you can do so with pride.]

BRANSON REVIEWED! gives a quacking clean BILL of heath to RIDE THE DUCKS.
" - Branson Reviewed

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